• The Book is a Work of Art

    The Book is a Work of Art

    Loved the book Annah, it’s a work of art. Fabulous to have a book that invites you to open it anywhere. Not having to be read from a start to the end approach. The paper alone is delicious. The masks are a winner, I get a lot of comments. Mez Order your copy of "Grit Before Grace": https://bit.ly/3p1uK6c
  • Testimonial from Angie Kay Foster

    Testimonial from Angie Kay Foster

    I was lucky enough to get my hands on  a copy of Annah's new book Grit Before Grace due out next month… I’m only a quarter way in and I am hooked!In true Annah Stretton style it’s a no nonsense but full of compassion and understanding guide about the choices we have in life, our influences and what we are all capable of! I...
  • Testimonial from Shannon (RAW)

    Testimonial from Shannon (RAW)

    Thank you Shannon for this thoughtful review: "A beautiful compilation of Annah's fascinating personal experiences combined with techniques to identify, reframe and enhance. Spoken in a language that moves your soul, "Grit Before Grace" generates the enthusiasm to leap out of bed tomorrow with a bright focus on making every moment count." Shannon - RAW (Reclaim Another Woman) Pre-order your copy of "Grit Before...
  • Testimonial from Dr Heidi Ward-McGrath

    Testimonial from Dr Heidi Ward-McGrath

    Thank you Dr Heidi Ward-McGrath for such an honest review.“One of your qualities I most admire is your ability to have a difficult conversation. I love the way you detail how you plan, warm up, intro, develop, communicate and wrap up a difficult discussion. I also laugh when you deliver a blunt message and then soften it by adding "given in Aroha" (because I know that to...
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