Testimonial from Angie Kay Foster

I was lucky enough to get my hands on  a copy of Annah's new book Grit Before Grace due out next month… I’m only a quarter way in and I am hooked!In true Annah Stretton style it’s a no nonsense but full of compassion and understanding guide about the choices we have in life, our influences and what we are all capable of! I love the challenging  part about our beliefs and values systems and how it’s good to reevaluate what’s ingrained in us… I love my friends that question that part of me, it’s helps to grow!This book is worth a read for every woman out there no matter where you are in this journey called life 💐💗I’ll be rereading it once I’m finished!

Pre-order your copy of "Grit Before Grace": https://bit.ly/3p1uK6c

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