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Grit Before Grace Testimonials & Reviews

Testimonial from Alise

by Melissa Reid 25 Jul 2022
Testimonial from Alise

Hey Annah, 

It was an absolute honour to be able to be sent your book "Grit Before Grace" since I got it I have been nose-deep in it. It is such an inspiring book to be able to read.

I think since reading most of it I have been able to take in a lot of what you said/written, I also came to realise how many things I already do and that I don't actually acknowledge.

There are also a lot of people that would really enjoy this book, especially people my age or in their teens. It was such an inspiring book, I loved the parts in it where it would be a page of just talking about what you can give to people, I also loved the page " Annah's recipe for calm conversations" it was a really good way to communicate it through to me and probably to many others.

Once I have read it all, some of my friends are wanting to read it so I am going to lend it out to them as I found it very inspiring and I'm sure they will too.


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