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The Stretton Clothing Company has been a leading brand in the New Zealand fashion market for 29 years. We started in Morrinsville in 1992, and our head office is still based there. We have several retail stores and a strong online presence, and employ close to 80 people each day in part time, casual, contract and full time positions.

We have a huge philanthropic heart that pumps through the company’s operations every day, and we have massive collaborations and alignments supporting a variety of charities, both local and national. These include the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation, SPCA, SAFE, the Asthma Foundation, Child Cancer and many more. Annah also chairs the Waikato Women’s Refuge board and is a board member of UNICEF.

Late in 2013 Annah set up her own foundation and started her first charitable initiative - RAW (Reclaim Another Woman). The main focus for RAW is to drive very real outcomes for socially disadvantaged offending women and leave a legacy for New Zealand that goes well beyond the fashion. RAW was seed funded from the profits of Stretton Clothing Company Ltd.

Annah's foundation now includes Kia Puawai, a charitable trust which aims to have a profoundly positive and sustainable impact on the health and well-being of everyday New Zealander's and their families. Kia Puawai will achieve this goal using an holistic health and wellness program to introduce attendees to new and better ways to eat, move and manage the day-to-day challenges of living in today's world.

The Good Collective is the third charity to come from Annah's foundation and was introduced to recognise the high failure rate of NZ charities, while acknowledging that charity is not a business, sustainable outcomes for them are about strong business practice so The Good Collective was set up to build capability and capacity into Waikato charities.

Employment Success With Us Requires Some Very Real Attributes


Retail Stores

Our retail team have been a stable and high achieving work force for many years, and some of our team members are doing extremely well financially, simply by being very good at what they do.

Annah has always created a platform of entrepreneurship that enables team members to run stores and achieve exponential outcomes, supported by the SCCL infrastructure. Many of our senior managers have been trained as stylists and event managers, and get involved in this each and every day. We know that today’s retail outcomes need a lot more than simply standing behind a counter hoping to sell, and we are always looking for great retail people that fit our brand model - in fact we believe that we could place a store anywhere in NZ and achieve success, should we find staffing that fits our criteria.

Retail is totally dependent on the person that front faces the model, where a high level of ownership, customer connection and brand knowledge is needed to get real success. We will always look to advance a great employee, no matter where they start with us - effort, passion and outcomes will never be unnoticed by this organisation, and there are always opportunities for growth and a great employee will often create their own. Retail team members earn a strong base rate, with a very real weekly bonus that can be as high as an extra $600. Some employees have clothing allowances and clothing can also be bought at wholesale. Our top retail people have been earning gross incomes of $70 to $90k pa. They are, however, very good at what they do, and have created high achieving collaborative stores that they run as if they owned them.


Head Office in Morrinsville

Up to thirty people work at Head Office in a variety of roles. We employ staff for our cafe, retail store, distribution, production, events, design, administration, graphic and digital sections. Management of each division operates with a strongly led team.

Morrinsville is 20 minutes from Hamilton or 1.5 hours from Auckland so it is an easy commute, although a lot of our team also live locally in Morrinsville and Te Aroha. They love the affordability and the value that is delivered by real estate here.

Annah knows that the success of her company is solely dependent on the team members that she employs, and the nurturing and training program that is applied from the start of their employment with SCCL.

The company is going through an exciting re-branding and digital expansion stage, going from strength to strength and is an exciting and rewarding place to work. We are always looking for great people to advance the brand vision and strengthen the financial outcomes, so if you are considering a career move and love this brand and all that it stands for, send us an email at

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