FAQs - Face Masks

Frequently asked Questions

PLEASE NOTE - We cannot ship to PO boxes!


Can I buy  face masks in-store?

Yes! All of our stores have a supply of face masks ready to sell to you.

What ages do your KN95 Kid’s masks fit?

These fit children from ages 4 – 12 years.

Are the KN95 / KN94 masks washable?

Wear once and put in a paper bag for two to three days before you wear again, and discard when they get too smelly or dirty. 

Can you put filters into the KN95 / KN94 masks?

No – please find some of our masks that take filters here: Face Masks with Helix.iso Filter | Annah Stretton

Are your masks certified?

Yes, our KN95 and KN94 masks conforms with all regulatory standards. There is also more information in each product description, and on the certificate delivered with each mask delivery.

KN95: Conforms with KN95 GB2626-2019 regulatory standards

KN94: Conforms with GB2626-2019 regulatory standards

Disposable masks: Meets standards T/CNTAC 55-2020 & T/CNITA 09104-2020

Do the masks come with filters / can I add filters?

We are now selling a face masks with HELIX.iso™ filters. View them here.  All of our pleated face masks (the 3 packs), have a space for you to add your own filters also.

Do the masks come with nose wires?

Our masks do not come with nose wires. The pleated design is designed to sit comfortably on the nose. The simplistic design is molded to the face and should not fall below the nose.


Can I order online and collect in store?

Unfortunately we do not offer a click and collect service. 

 Can I use my discount code on my mask order?

At this time, we are not offering any discount on our face masks. If you have a discount code, this can be used on any of our clothing items. Discount codes will not be valid with any mask purchase.


I ordered face masks last week, when will they be shipped?

We are currently working with a 1 - 2 working day turn around on all masks except for ones with filters, the puppy print mask, and the Glam pack. On these orders, you should receive it within 4 - 6 working days.


I don't know what size to order?

Our masks are a ONE SIZE fits all design. If you are a Woman, the women's masks should fit you - you can tie the elastic in a small knot to tighten if need be. Same applies for the men's masks, they have slightly longer elastic around the ears than the women's.

The kids masks are made to fit ages 4 - 8, and the Youth masks will fit ages 10 - 14. 


Can I change my order once I have placed it?

Due to the volume of orders we are receiving, we are unable to edit you shipping address, add to your order, or make any other changes once your order has been placed. Please be careful when placing your order.


When will my order be shipped if I order now?

The wait for orders to be dispatched is currently between 1-2 and 4-6 working days depending on what you have ordered.