The Annah Stretton 30 Year Birthday Wall

Annah Stretton Brand is 30 Years Old

30 Year Birthday Message Wall 

From Rose - Wellington Store - Senior Manager

Hi Annah

I thought I'd share an experience from yesterday.  Sorry this wasn't waiting for you this am. I was busy pounding far too much flour into several batches of Hot Cross Buns for tomorrow and it became late.

A woman came in, looking around and asked where Featherston St was. I gave her directions and she checked that was where another women's clothing store was.   We chatted, and I encouraged her to look around while she was in store. We spent some time together and finally a dress was purchased. I was proud to send her out the door carrying it in one of our beautiful gift bags.  She returned a couple of hours later with her daughter in law who also purchased a dress. I asked how she had got on at the other store. Her response was nothing was purchased and that the customer service hadn't  been anything like she had experienced  here. 

It is always important to me to find the good, help where I can and generally enjoy a life that I can feel good about.  Where I work is a big part of that.

Happy birthday to you and the company.  What an amazing milestone!!!  You are so focused and strong but it still takes me by surprise and impresses me each time you reinvent/adjust/improve...whatever it is that you manage to do so well. Plus I do love a great set of old fashioned values and manners.

I don't just consider you my employer but a friend as well  ❤


Rose xxx

From Nadine Hickman - PEPTALK Media

Wow Annah congratulations! I can't express what an admirer of you I have been since I first heard you speak back at a HER Business event, then a couple of RISE events... To see what you've achieved in business - like the text you received from your RAW lady, the risks, decisions, pressure... Through my business journey I can understand how difficult it is to achieve this success and sustainability, and now carrying on your business with succession through to your daughter which also comes with challenges. Then your work with RAW and your personal story is next level. You've certainly deeply inspired me and my journey over many years as I'm sure you have others. What a life to celebrate! I'm amped about bringing together an opportunity for you to reach more women and young women and enable them to live their best life through your stories, lessons, insights. 

Yes, absolutely fine to lead with self belief, with awareness, compassion, care to flow from there. 

I'm going to leave you to enjoy and soak up the day today and continue with percolating the ideas. Perhaps chat this time next week once I have a few more ducks in a row. 

So you're happy with the fashion show concept? 

On the date - the 26th June we've realised it is Matariki holiday weekend, so could be limited with a few away for the long weekend. 

Does the following week - Sunday 3rd for fashion show + Monday 4th for Marlborough Girls' College work for you?

Enjoy the day 🤗🎂

From Eva Pemper - Eva Pemper Wines

Congratulations Annah for this amazing achievement of 30 years in business and for creating this incredibly wonderful brand that has so much positive energy and life and is unique 🥰💕🎉⭐️💞. I am so grateful to have connected and that we are together on this journey of this beautiful collaboration we have going on. I admire everything you have achieved and look up to you so much!

Your book is incredible, I love it, it is my guide to happy life now ❤️. Thank you for sharing all that wisdom!

Eva x

From Shannon - RAW

Congratulations to you and the brand for achieving 30years in business. You make it look easy and what you have created is out of this world. I think of all the risks you’ve had to take, the economic waves you’ve had to ride, the relationships you’ve needed to form and maintain, the insane pressure you’ve had to endure, the huge decisions you’ve had to make. Where others have been squashed by challenges and madness you have continued to soar. Today I fully acknowledge the super hero in you and emphasize the privilege that it is to have someone like you to look up to. With love on this day and always, Shannon x

From Krystal - RAW

Congratulations on everything you have achieved in life❤️❤️

Grateful to have met you, you have honestly changed my life and made me the woman I now am today. I’m a caring mother and I’m now I’m the process of healing my family trauma because of you I can do this and have been able to help so many others. My calling is to keep helping I know this now in my heart I will forever keep going and my gratitude is never ending

Krystal x

From Roni Albert  - CEO Waikato Women's Refuge

What a stunning day for you Annah...I am so grateful to have met you 10 years ago now and blessed that your passion persistance drive Aroha and manaaki  that you've shown and shared with  us..has been the huge instigator and motivation I know that has got you where you are today...much love Annah...xx  Roni 

From Amanda Fitzpatrick - Hauraki Plains College 

I have known of Annah for years going back into my 20's (now late 50's)  I always admired her black and white, get things done attitude, yes "hard" but successful. We go back years from delivering meat to her restaurant, to me taking up the challenge of working for Annah, by writing a simple letter and offering myself. Tony interviewed and employed me, to buying AS clothing for No 13 Orchard Road in Ngatea from their farm set up, asking for Annah to be our compere at our Make and Model Fashion Shows at Hauraki Plains College, that was with tongue in cheek, I got a reply from Annah it was "Yes, if you don't ask you don't get", Annah and Tony stayed with us for 8 years and supported us in more ways than one.... unbelievably generous and the memories made were precious for many kids.

I have just finished reading Grit to Grace - I loved it! So much I could relate to and so much we can all learn from it. I admire your honesty Annah, you made me cry at the end for so many reasons but maybe I just didn't want that book to finish! Love what you do!

🍾 ❤

Amanda Fitzpatrick

From Maree Smith - Retail Store Get It On!

Congratulations Annah.. Inspirational is an understatement.. 
🍾 ❤ Maree x


From Karla Leadbeater - Previous Employee Hokitika store

Congratulations on the anniversary of your business Annah.
I had such a memorable time working with Angie Kay Foster in your Hokitika store.
I'm sure New Zealanders are so proud to have such an inspirational, successful, and courageous wahine heralding the way to accomplish one's dreams.
Karla Leadbeater 💐🧡