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Grit Before Grace Testimonials & Reviews

Testimonial from Vet Dr. Heidi Ward-McGrath

by Melissa Reid 25 Jul 2022
Testimonial from Vet Dr. Heidi Ward-McGrath

OMG loved your book

I read the whole thing yesterday

I want to order 3 for my staff

So much wisdom


So many parallels in how I saw the world and acted

I have penned my first thoughtful email to staff. I have a different mindset.


I loved particularly three sections

The heart stuff calm and compassion

The section on beliefs

The letter to Lily - this made me cry


I feel privileged to have known you across these changes.

I have felt the difference.


I will make so many changes because of the impact of your book.


The passion, the purpose, the drive I have always found easy.

I feel like a Ferrari most of the time — designed to work, fast and well.

But — I definitely had a large wake behind me.


Your book is my new treasure.

Thanks for sharing your wisdom.


With Aroha



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