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Grit Before Grace Testimonials & Reviews

Testimonial from Leeanne Langridge

10 Mar 2022
Testimonial from Leeanne Langridge
Thank you to Leeanne Langridge for giving me such an honest review.

"Where do I start? Wow comes to mind!!
Your book is so much more than I expected. I’m not sure why I’m surprised because I know you, and what a generous, and giving person you are. I guess the surprise for me is what a wonderful orator you are, and how much I learn, and will actually use having read and reread it again.
It’s well written, authentic, raw, real, helpful, provoking and incredibly interesting.
Each chapter leads you into the next and whilst I keep trying to pick my favourite it's hard as each was quite unique and interesting for different reasons. I think your book will really help women who are stuck, unsure, need inspiration or just want to understand your path and the trials you encountered. I also think it will empower women, particularly who may know in their hearts they need to change but are stuck.
Given the past 18 months where I had to lead a team through making 2000 crew redundant and now navigate this craziness of lockdowns again this book helped me get perspective again.
It’s not just a book for women it’s for anyone who is on a journey of change."
— Leeanne Langridge, General Manager Customer | Customer & Sales, Air NZ

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