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How to Wear: This Seasons Velvet Vibes

20 Apr 2018
How to Wear: This Seasons Velvet Vibes

Velvet is a timeless luxurious fabric that is often seen within the winter fashion.

With connotations of expense, glamour, and sophistication a style renaissance is in place. Velvet is being seen in all garments, from dresses to pants to tops. But how do we wear and style these garments so comfort and glamour thrive?

We have the answers to your velvet vibes:

The Velvet Dress

Becoming the new black dress perhaps? Styling will be what makes your dress fit for the occasion. With little accessorising you allow your dress to take centre stage and the fabric speaks for itself.  While choosing to pair your dress with a cute ankle boot over a dainty heel will take your velvet dress from over-the-top to a glamourous everyday wear. 

The Velvet Top

Adding a small amount of velvet to your outfit is sure make you feel on trend and warm. The thick fabric is another New Zealand wardrobe must have. Pair with your favourite jeans and you take your everyday affair to a new level of smart/ casual.

The Velvet Pant

Easy-to-wear separates are always a wardrobe must have and what better way to work some velvet vibes in to. Pairing a velvet pant with a certain shoe will determine the vibe you’re trying to style. Heels will add sophistication to your outfit while pairing a pant, like the Missie Pant, with sneakers will sport a popular sportluxe style. You’re never too old to be a Miss(ie), and these pants are sure to be an easy-to-wear separate your style and comfort will love.

The Velvet Jacket

Velvet adds rich depth to go-to colours of the autumn season, black, burgundy, midnight blue – it is what makes it so luxurious. The Velvet Jacket is a staple to take you from day to night all winter long.

Written by Kim Chance


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