Bomber Jackets: Putting the BOOM in Trans-Seasonal Dressing

In New Zealand knowing how to layer our outfits is a fashion must. You never know when you’re going to be caught in a heat wave or a mild blizzard. Trans-seasonal dressing leads to investments in pieces that are versatile, stylish, and comfortable and the bomber jacket is definitely one of the stars of the show in 2018.

Bomber jackets, evolving from the military and landing in high-end fashion runways in 2016 have become a compulsory piece for trans-seasonal dressing because of its versatility and comfort.

How to rock your bomber jacket

By pairing your bomber jacket with your favourite loungewear you can make your ‘working-from-home’ style look chic and on trend.

Wearing your jacket with jeans and your favourite ankle boot effortlessly transforms your status to smart casual.

Pair your bomber with a simple dress and you are ready for lunch with girlfriends or a dinner out.

Wear it your way!

The only advice that really matters when choosing your bomber jacket is to buy one you love – for its colour, or fabric or embroidery – and then have fun wearing it out!

Written by Kim Chance

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