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Baby doll; you need some rock and roll!

21 Mar 2018
Baby doll; you need some rock and roll!

Summer lovin’ had me a blast,
Summer lovin’ happened so fast…
But find your collection of flip-it frocks and wear them all to celebrate the 50s & 60s and hold on to that last bit of summer.

It is time to get those bold prints out; even the slightly vulgar prints that you just can’t help adore because Beach Hop has just rocked up on us as quick as ever!

Let’s rock. Everybody. Let’s rock.
With wonderful Whangamata holding this fun-filled, car enthusiast event it is hard not to jump on board and revel in the rockabilly theme of polka dots, sweetheart necklines, and Aline flared skirts.

This 5 day event was made for the Annah Stretton customer who loves all the colour, all the patterns, and all the volume.

Article by Kim Chance

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