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Green is the new black on St Patrick’s Day

by Annah Stretton 16 Mar 2018
Green is the new black on St Patrick’s Day

Everyone loves black. It is easy to wear, classy and elegant, and easy to combine with other garments. Yet it is also an unoriginal colour that can be so boring and has been so over-used. Women have been looking to add colour to their wardrobes in a subtle, age-appropriate way for a long time; so why don’t we make St Patrick’s Day a chance for us to experiment with just that?

St Patrick’s Day is a celebration of Irish culture and, for many, a good excuse for heavy drinking, but you can still participate in this celebration of Irish heritage and remain classy and modern.

Green; a colour associated closely with New Zealand that symbolises the purity of our country. A colour that not only New Zealanders have fallen in love with but fashion has embraced. Green has become a very current colour.

Olive green and khaki are popular, rich colours that have been affirmed by the fashion industry. These colours have a very fresh and military vibe about them that oozes power and strength. Moreover these shades of green have the same easy-to-wear qualities like the colour black.

Wearing green doesn’t have to be tacky or awful. It can be fresh, empowering, and re-worn. Invest in green this St Paddy’s day that you will wear again as opposed to raiding the local costume shop for the cheap green accessories.

Experiment with the colour green this St Paddy’s day and make yourself feel like an emerald.

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