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The Dress - Your ultimate wardrobe staple this summer

23 Nov 2017
The Dress - Your ultimate wardrobe staple this summer

Here at Annah Stretton we have never underestimated the qualities of a fabulous frock from a versatile everyday dress that can be dressed up or down to that statement wedding of the year number.

Why we love our frocks


Dresses will never go out of style, and there are options for every moment from the office to a garden party or to wear at work and then accessorise for an evening function.  Our Breathless range of dresses is the perfect timeless piece to wear to every occasion and instantly feel glamourous.


They instantly make you feel more feminine and we have dresses that make every shape look and feel great.  Also a dress will elongate you rather than cutting you in half with a separate top and bottom.

Easy to pack

Great for weekends away a dress is the whole outfit in just one piece of clothing – ideal for reducing carry-on and keeping life simple. Our FlipIt dress is ideal for travel, one dress that can be worn multiple ways and it doesn’t even need to be ironed!


Dresses can be dressed up with heels, accessories and a great hair do or dressed down with flats and a sun hat, just accessorise for the occasion. 


A flowing dress in a lightweight natural fabric is great in the hotter weather – as the much used quote says “there’s no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing”.  The Bridgette Dress combines 100% cotton with scoop neck and flared skirt.


Dare to be a little different with prints or spots and you will be noticed, whoever said at a party I love those plain black pants you have on, but a dress can certainly be a conversation starter. Our Victoria Vanessa is bound to get the compliments flowing with its bold rose print and off the shoulder styling.

Our love of dresses shows through in all of our collections and now the weather is warming up we are certain to have all your summer dress needs covered, so head in-store or shop online now.

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