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Summer's Coolest Looks

07 Nov 2017
Summer's Coolest Looks

Not sure which direction to go for the coolest summer looks? We can help with these ten on trend looks for summer 2017/18.

Athleisure – exercise gear as day wear is a huge trend this season. Workout clothes don’t have to be frumpy, some of the current outfits are so stylish you will want to wear them even when you are not exercising!

Bright colours - let’s ditch the charcoals and blacks of winter, and embrace all the fresh and bright colours of summer.

Long necklaces – ‘sweater length’ necklaces are so much more flattering, they elongate your torso and minimise a bigger bust.

Stripes are a massive look for the coming season – be bold and daring with them. We love our striped tops overlaid with embroidery.

Bralettes – these are everywhere on the runways – but will they translate to every day wear? It’s not for the faint-hearted – wearing just your bra with a skirt or trousers out in public would daunt the most fearless fashionista! But try a tiny crop-top over your shirt, or a lacy bra under a semi sheer top – be brave!

Kitten Heels – yes, the ugly Flatform has gone, and kitten heels (so much more feminine) are back on the streets of the fashionable cities in the world.

A touch of the eighties – just toned down a bit. We are seeing the return of the shoulder pad – maybe not quite the power shoulders we saw in the eighties - just a soft and gentle padding that defines shape through this area.

Tulle has become mainstream. Every little girl wanted to be a ballerina, now is your chance to take this into adult-hood. Skirts made of layers and layers of fine fabric, or simple mesh sheaths lavishly embellished with embroidery – tulle will be everywhere this summer.

Crazy hemlines – erratic, skewed, asymmetric – hemlines are everything but boring and straight across. Have fun with your hems!

Gone are the huge totes of last year – the mini bag is the one to be seen with, and the tinier the better. They don’t hold all your stuff? Wear two or three, and they don’t need to be the same – mix and match them.

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