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Getting ready for Summer

31 Oct 2017
Getting ready for Summer

It seems after daylight saving kicks in and the evenings are lighter, longer and warmer – the party invitations start flooding in to your inbox. From clothes to accessories, we’ve got six great ideas to get summer celebration ready.

Cute and casual is the right dress code for summer barbecues. Think of a cotton sun-frock in bright florals like our Ziggy Zorra, super comfortable to wear with a touch of stretch in the fabric.

Look for the perfect cardigan or shrug. As the sun sets, the evening will bring cooler temperatures – but throw on a pretty cardigan or shrug, and you will still look stylish. Our Jillian Amara shrug comes in so many different colours there is sure to be one to match.

Look for comfy but stylish shoes – a wedged espadrille or sneakers are a great casual look, without sacrificing comfort.

If you have long hair, master an easy up-do. Braids and plaits are right on trend for summer 2018. Spritz your hair with volumising spray, and form into a messy braid. Adding a subtle ribbon in the same colours as your dress amp this up into party style.

Lighten up on the makeup – melting, smeared foundation is never a good look! Invest in a primer, as this holds your make-up to your face. And think about just using a tinted moisturiser instead of a full foundation, then a swipe of mascara, and a touch of lip gloss – you are party ready!

If you are the hostess and have to spend some time in the kitchen – invest in a pretty apron as it will save your clothes from any accidental splashes and spills. Our Sabrina apron is just as pretty as your dress. 

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