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Putting Lace in its Place.

by Annah Stretton 02 May 2018
Putting Lace in its Place.

Lace has been in fashion for centuries with many connotations and complex meanings. Traditional, vintage, royal, occasional, sexy are all terms associated with such an intricate fabric.

Lace can look exquisite and modern but it is important to remember that lace isn’t just for the big occasions; it also looks great for work or on the weekends. Lace can add an element of grace and sophistication to any outfit and that is why we love it here at Annah Stretton.

Follow these style tips and you’ll be making sure lace knows its place in your life.

For the Lace Beginner:

Follow the three M’s of lace: Mix + Minimal + Melodramatic and you will create a Modern Lace Look.

When creating your lace look don’t be afraid to mix textures. Wear the leather jacket or blazer with the lace dress you adore or simply match your favourite skirt, regardless of the fabric, with a pretty lace top.

Perhaps you aren’t ready to embrace a full lace dress just yet so stick to a lace jacket, or a lace skirt. Allow the innate see-through effect of the lace to work its magic and keep jewellery and accessories to a minimum.

Colour is your friend, it changes the meaning of lace and creates a statement and drama. Red can be daring and sexy while white remains vintage and traditional. Play with the colour of your lace garments to achieve your desired look and style. 

Written by Kim Chance

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