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Michèle A'Court | A Woman who has something to say

16 Apr 2024
Michèle A'Court | A Woman who has something to say

I have known Michele for the last 20 years I am sure that our paths first crossed when I owned the her Business Magazine (HB) in 2005. As I can clearly identify Michele's gorgeous face in the line up of HB covers that grace our Morrinsville head office wall. There have been so many wonderful interactions and  connections between us over the years, where Michèle and I agreed to speak or MC for the charities I remain so passionate about. And I even vaguely remember an Auckland school event where we spoke together, Michèle proudly wearing our clothing.
Her fashion week debut, saw her agree to be part of our fabulous 'Annah in Wonderland' show in 2013, (styled by Pheonix Renata and Kiri Nathan), it was with absolutely delight that we were able to locate some of these gorgeous photos, to include in this blog.

Michèle is the perfect embodiment of my brand, 'a woman that has something to say' who has aged with purpose and joy. A woman who embraces the third act of her life (to use Jane Fonda's words) with a huge energy and love of who she is. A woman that is truly comfortable in her own skin, who is ageless.

It was a pleasure and a privilege to photograph this wonderful woman who has brought so much joy to so many.

"In the end it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years" .. Abraham Lincoln


Michèle's Words: 

"Being Helena… 

I have adored Helena Bonham Carter for years – probably since the 1980s and her breakthrough film, A Room With A View. Since then, HBC has had an amazing career – I have special love for her performance as Madame Thénardier in Les Miserable – raunchy, mad, hilarious and more than a tiny bit rude. And she totally nailed Princess Margaret in The Crown.

But my adoration has also been about the HBC aesthetic, that unique style of hers. She cheerfully breaks all the rules about what goes with what - it always looks to me as though she picks 47 things she adores and decides to wear them all today. Velvet, lace, wool, silk – dressing for touch as much as for look. Wildly eccentric – there’s a darkness to it, and a steampunk edge, but also a huge sense of fun. 

So this was a joy – Annah’s clothes are all about texture, pattern and colour so it was such a delight to put her sequins with cashmere and tartan, everything happening all at once. Please note: I tried to convey a gothic moodiness that matched the smoky eye, but honestly, we were all having way too much of a good time. Sorry, not sorry! xxx"



Michèle A'Court at Annah in Wonderland - NZ Fashion Week 2013 + Her Mag Cover

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