International Kissing Day

Kissing – A simple yet powerful gesture that is acknowledged across many languages and cultural boundaries.

Kissing plays an important role in social bonding since time out of mind, and when thought about like this, it does make sense to have a day dedicated to puckering up. 

International Kissing Day is a non-official holiday that came about because of a belief that people had forgotten the simple pleasures to be had in kissing! Celebrated on July 6th every year, this day encourages people to kiss the person they love, appreciate kissing, and celebrate the part smooching plays in cultures throughout the world. 

Thank goodness for the evolution of kissing; Centuries ago it is believed that kissing originated from mouth to mouth feeding of a parent to a child! Kissing, as we know it today, is so much more than a fun activity, it makes us feel good, and has some health benefits for both of the participants.

Kissing benefits:

* Kissing leads to increased saliva production which can lead to a healthier mouth

* Kissing burns 6 calories a minute

* Kissing can build up immunity by introducing them to their partner’s mouth bacteria

* Kissing relieves stress

* Kissing can ease allergy symptoms 

Although a large focus of this day is on kissing between lovers, it is important to remember kissing isn’t restricted to romance, but also out of feelings of friendship, affection, habit, and sympathy. We live in a kissy-kissy culture, making it easy to celebrate International Kissing Day the ‘right way’ because kissing the people you love can be delivered in so many ways! 

So on Friday 6th July, to commemorate International Kissing Day, we encourage you to find your favourite shade of lipstick and pucker up every chance you get… Just remember the breath mints!

Written by Kim Chance July 2018

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