Jul 06, 2018

National Camera day, celebrated on 29th June, commemorates photographs, the camera, and their invention.

Cameras have come a long way. They’re a modern convenience that is easily taken for granted, so having a day set aside to revel in such a creation is exciting. Moreover, it sparks discussion about the digital demise of so many industries.

In the age of the internet, we live in a digital society that has become reliant, to an extent, on digital technology; digital photography is just one example.

Times have changed again in the last 10 years, with social media’s popularity. There is now a desire to be instant, to have all the information of the world now, and this only encourages the use of the smart phone.

Businesses are being forced to adapt to these changing times, to ensure the survival of their business.

Is this a bad thing? We have the ability to have information quickly and freely. Mainstream media thrive from this digital technology use. The smart phone captures live news events that add to their key stories and make them relatable for a wider audience.

National Camera Day is a day to revel in photography and its growth but can also be a day to realise our digital age progression and to see where our businesses, our lives, and our society is heading.

Digital technology is the future.