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Embrace your Geekness on the 13th July

by Annah Stretton 13 Jul 2018
Embrace your Geekness on the 13th July

“Being a geek means never having to play it cool about how much you like something” – Simon Pegg

All the sci-fi geeks, the sports geeks, the tech geeks, the coding geeks and the ‘to-be-known’ geeks.

It is time to polish your shields and swords, bundle up your Pokéballs, shine that Star Trek ‘Starfleet’ badge, sparkle your Disney princess tiaras and grab that favourite lightsabre because…

Whether you have no shame in your geek-genes or are still trying to accept your obsessions, Geekness Day is about being proud of the things that excite and help to define you, as little defines us as much as those things we’re passionate about.

You may believe this unofficial holiday doesn’t apply to you but:

“Geeks are people who love something so much that all the details matter”

So really, we are all geeks, in one way or another because there is always something, a collection, or a topic that we know EVERYTHING about!

The geek and fan community is truly one of the most amazing and creative groups out there. Geekdom brings people together - they love their unique communities, sharing mutual fandom, or individual fandoms to inspire each other.

All of our geekery is incredible and no matter what we geek over, we all have the chance to embrace our geekness.

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