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20 Jul 2018

What an astounding reconnection I have made with one of our most challenging problems. As I watched Sunday’s program on TVOne last Sunday night ( Link for you below), it certainly is our "dirty little secret." The impact of not reacting is now catastrophic, not only for the marine life as we choose the oceans as legitimate dumping grounds but also for the generations following in our wake and the planet we are leaving behind for them.

We can all do so much more and so much better, and this needs to start now. This is alarming, I am now slightly traumatised by the results of simple choices that we all make each day and the little thought to the impact they cause. I reflect on the many challenging comments I have made to my partner in his earnest attempt to recycle everything but imagine his horror when he saw that so much that he does so diligently is all in vain given the state of play that now exists. Let’s band together, make a stand and support each other because now is the time where we all need to act.

Here’s my list and I know there will be so much more that you all can add, please get involved and let’s make the change!

  1. No more takeaway coffee cups. Invest in a" keep cup" and encourage your favourite cafe to stock them. You can find a great range here.
  2. Refuse to purchase from cafes that use plastic straws. Do you really need a straw anyway?
  3. No more plastic bags from the supermarkets! Get organised and take your keep bags with you, it helps to keep them stored in your car.
  4. Stop buying water in plastic bottles. Buy a permanent water bottle, if you think they are expensive think again. K-Mart has a wonderful range.
  5. Buy from a fruit and vegetable store. Items are not plastic wrapped, it’s cheaper, they have produce that is often fresher and therefore healthier for you.
  6. Don’t buy single-use plastic. Avoid food and other items that are packaged this way, the paper bag is your friend. Let’s make it a goal to have all your purchases packed this way (if you need packaging at all).
  7. Recycle! Get entrepreneurial and think about how you can reduce, recycle and reuse.

Waste is a big opportunity to start thinking about how we can repurpose and reuse. I'd love to hear your ideas, maybe we can set up a think tank!

Below is the short Hooked On Plastic documentary from TVOne.

Can our Ocean Plastic Pollution End Extreme Poverty?

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