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Winter Coats - Splurge or Save?

by Annah Stretton 07 Jul 2017
Winter Coats - Splurge or Save?

According to the Met Service, the next few weeks are going to be the coldest ones this year. So, that’s not such bad news – just a great opportunity to get yourself a new winter coat! There is something really luxurious about snuggling into a lovely thick coat, turning up the collar and braving the elements. Wrap a wooly scarf around your neck, put on a pair of fine leather gloves – instant glamour!

As you may have noticed coats can be kind of expensive - do you splurge, or save? Well, that partly depends on where you live. If you are in the South Island or even anywhere from Taupo down in the North Island, then really you have no choice – you need a big, thick, heavy coat to withstand those icy polar blasts. Quality fabric, preferably lined, is the only way to guarantee you will be toasty warm.

If you are lucky enough to live north of Hamilton you have a few more options that will be easier on the pocket. While you still need a winter coat (or two) you can opt for the usually less expensive unlined versions.

Our best advice is that if you haven’t already invested in a great coat - do it now! But make sure you stick to all the rules for your body shape, and colouring. For example, Bluebell - you still need to show your waist so keep it fitting. Rosebud - big collar, slightly ‘A’ line bottom. Tulip - small fine details at the top, definitely longer line through the base. Lavender - you can do a combination of most of these but try to get great definition in the waistline.

And for the cost-conscious amongst you – check out our Sale Jacket Collection – there are always bargains to be had. 

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