Jun 27, 2017

Undercover Angel

If you have ever been in the embarrassing situation where an unexpected gust of wind has caught your skirt, (and even Princess Catherine has been caught out like this) then you will probably realise the importance of appropriate underwear. A knee length slip might seem impossibly old fashioned these days, but with all the sheer fabrics and lace being used for dresses this season, a slip is a wardrobe essential.

When we get dressed every morning, the first thing to go on is our underwear – and there is no reason it shouldn’t be as stylish and classy as the clothes that go over the top. It may never be seen – our underwear is often a secret we only share with ourselves, but our choices say a lot about how we see ourselves.

Undercover Angel is a new range of lingerie being released by Annah Stretton – classic, easy to wear pieces that blend elegance with vintage glamour. The range includes fashion forward lounging pants crafted from luxurious velvet, 100% cotton slips and camisoles that add shape and colour to the sheerest of fabrics, along with princess perfect petticoats that introduce volume and drama to special occasion outfits.

You are a woman that walks out of her home every day and deals with the world, and even if your underwear never sees the light of day, what you wear underneath your clothes counts. It doesn’t matter if you are single, or in the middle of a raging hot love affair, your unmentionables are sending a subliminal message – either you think you are worth something – or you don’t! Investing in beautiful lingerie is all about having a love affair with yourself.