The Frill of It!

The number one fashion focus for Summer 2017/18 is the Statement Sleeve – designers the world over have all agreed that this is the year of the sleeve! Poet’s sleeves, Bishop’s sleeves, sleeves with cut outs, embellished and overly long sleeves – every imaginable variety of sleeve is available this summer. But the standout style – the one you can’t live without is the Mameluke Sleeve.

They say that every style comes around again, and these pretty, girlie sleeves are reminiscent of the 1970’s, but they look fresh new after so many years of straight sleeves. These flirty and fun sleeves can be subtle or dramatic, depending on the fabric used.

Ruffles have always been seen as feminine, but they can also be dramatic and theatrical, just remember to tone down the statement jewellery, less is more! If the over-all look is too sweet for your taste, pair your ruffled top with slim fit, plain pants, or a pencil skirt and let the top be the star.

If you are used to a more streamlined silhouette, all these ruffles may scare you, but we say – give it a go, and embrace life with frills!

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