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Style After Fifty

29 Jul 2017
Style After Fifty

Can women over fifty be fabulous – well of course! Gone are the days of the button through shirt dresses in safe navy or beige tones, worn with sensible heels and a string of pearls. The only thing still current in that list are the pearls – which never go out of fashion!

If you are over fifty, and want to vamp up your image a bit, here are a few tips to follow.

  • Think as young as you feel – remember, fifty is the new forty. We are certainly not suggesting you raid your teenage grand-daughters wardrobe, but you can certainly aim for elegantly modern.
  • Choose garments that drape, rather than cling. Even women in their fifties that visit the gym regularly are not resistant to the effects of menopause – no matter how slim, some bits can just be a bit wobbly.
  • For the same reason, shapewear is vital – those jiggly bits just need to be contained.
  • Realise that your mini-skirt wearing days are in the past. You may have great legs, but no-one needs to see your thighs. Skirts should finish on, or maybe just above the knee.
  • Wrap dresses are your best friend – there is a good reason Diane van Furstenburg made a career from basically one style, it works!
  • This is the age to move away from the cheap and cheerful chain stores. At fifty and beyond, fit is everything, and you need to invest in better quality garments, using superior fabrics, with better cuts and therefore better fit.

Turning fifty has never looked so good – just look at Liz Hurley, the perfect example that great style is almost timeless. 

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