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Edit Your Wardrobe

01 Aug 2017
Edit Your Wardrobe

It is one of life’s great mysteries – where do we go for inspiration? The end of winter tends to be when we get into a bit of a rut, fashion-wise. Winter seems like it is never going to end, and all the new season styles are appearing in shop windows, but it is still to cold to wear them. What to do to refresh and re-motivate myself – well, I go shopping in my own wardrobe!

Firstly, I know that I like everything in there – and it mostly fits me. What I need to do is to recreate what I already own into new outfits that I haven’t worn before. Try these ideas for re-inventing your wardrobe and be enthused for the remainder of the winter season –

  • Look for interesting pieces that you can layer in inventive ways – maybe a patterned top worn under a sheer overtunic.
  • Look for a summer garment that can be ‘winterised.’ By adding a sleeved undergarment to your summer dress you are adding a layer of warmth. Add leggings and boots and you have a new outfit.
  • Try wearing different colours together – you may have bought that pink jacket to go with one particular dress, but it might look just as fabulous with a pair of jeans.
  • Add a belt to completely change your look. A longer trench style coat or jacket is totally changed with the addition of a wide belt. Belting your outerwear means it stays in place, and the belt becomes part of your whole ensemble.
  • Get knotted – take your favourite shirt, and tie it in a knot at the front waist – this gives a whole new level of casualness to a corporate white shirt.
  • Make a dress into a skirt, buy layering a short top over it. A belt works here as well, by turning the bottom part of the top into a peplum.
The half-tuck works especially well on winter knitwear – try tucking just one side of a chunky jumper into your waistband, for relaxed casual style.

These aren’t seasonal or ‘on-trend’ ideas – these are timeless tricks that will work anytime you feel the need for inspiration when you get dressed. At the end of the day – it’s all about styling!
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