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Cover Yourself In Flowers This Spring

21 Jul 2017
Cover Yourself In Flowers This Spring

Looks like we will be ‘blooming’ for spring/summer 2017 – the catwalks have been crammed with bold and bright colours, and graphic florals. Hardly news you would think – every year the top fashion designers try and bring back the florals.  But the thought of wearing floral head to toe can be daunting to some women – they are scared they will look too cute, or two matronly.

But this season the florals are definitely new.  No more pretty or cute florals – these are big, bold and graphic, and they work on the theory that MORE is definitely MORE! The idea is to mix patterns, contrast colours, add in a geometric print – this is the fun part.

If you are still nervous of this trend here are a few tips to start getting you inspired –

  • Start slow, by brightening up your current wardrobe with one key piece (try our Mattie jacket with plain black pants.) Or team a plain jacket with a vibrant floral dress – perfect layering for spring days.
  • Tone it down, and make it a little more casual by adding a denim jacket. A floral top peeking out from under our DJ Madonna jacket will add a slightly rock-star chic to your day.
  • Think about scale and proportion. If you are petite, a super large floral print may dwarf you – and just the opposite is true if you are more plus-sized, as a tiny floral will look too delicate on a bigger frame.
  • Fancy pants – yes they are back! And even if you are bigger in the nether regions, this can still work for you – just layer over them with a plainer longline tunic top. Keep the floral from mid-thigh down, and make sure your shoes are plain and light coloured.
  • Accessorise! If you are not brave enough to go for the whole floral trend, try a clip or brooch - there is no more on trend look than this. And go further than just pinning it to your lapel – ring the changes, by clipping one to the front pocket of your jeans, tuck one behind your ear, or in the cleavage of your V-necked dress.

Welcome florals this coming season – they are perfect for summer weddings, parties, and race-days, but this year is the time to take them out of ‘occasion wear’ and embrace them every day.

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