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Dress For Success

19 Jul 2017
Dress For Success

We all have those ‘it’s just another day at the office - no-one is going to see me’ days. Why try and make a good impression when it doesn’t matter? But there is nothing wrong – and a lot right – with wanting to look your absolute best, and that means paying attention to the little things.

These style tips take only seconds to achieve, but make a whole lot of difference to how you present yourself –

  1. Much as you would like to wear the same pair of pants with heels one day, and flats the next, it is just not possible. Have your pants hemmed so that so that the hem finishes about a centimetre above the ground at the back.
  2. While a few extra centimetres of fabric on a sleeve may not seem a big deal, it makes a huge difference to the way a jacket looks on you. Sleeves that are too long or short look frumpy – the cuff of your sleeve should end just below your wrist bone.
  3. Shoes – these must be well maintained, not scuffed or dirty – nothing screams ‘I don’t care about my appearance’ like shabby shoes.
  4. Accessories make an outfit – and it is the work of only minutes to completely accessorise an outfit. Complementary jewellery, a scarf, maybe a belt – simple things that will give you a sense of style.
  5. Nails don’t have to be polished – but they should always be clean, trimmed and free of torn cuticles and chipped polish.
  6. Don’t come to work with wet hair – you will look as though woke up late, didn’t have time to dry and style your hair, and just rolled into the office.

Dressing up for the office gives the impression of professionalism and excellence, and will remind you that you are part of a team, united in working for a common goal. 

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