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Shop Sale Like A Pro!

14 Jul 2017
Shop Sale Like A Pro!

Shopping sale is a skill – and should not involve seeing the huge red banner on a store window, and rushing in waving your credit card in front of you. Shopping sale to really save money begins with preparation – know your current wardrobe, create a list of what you need, and stay focused.

The best strategy is to concentrate on the timeless investment pieces that you will wear for many years – coats and handbags are always a great investment, and more so when bought on sale. Look at pieces that are timeless – denim or neutral tones always carry over from one season to the next,

Opt for a targeted approach – make sure you are on the database of your favourite designers, so you receive notice of their sales, and react quickly rather than be disappointed when your size or colour preference sells out.

Never buy on an impulse as these tend to be the garments that sit in your wardrobe unworn. Remember – it is not a bargain if you don’t need it. You might see a fabulous dress at half price – but can you accessorise it from your existing wardrobe? If you have to buy shoes and a jacket to go with it, then it has almost instantly doubled in price.

Work on a ‘pay per wear’ price – it is worth more getting a smaller discount off a great jacket that you will wear for several seasons, and that matches with practically everything in your wardrobe. Then you can purchase the totally mad OTT dress that you love to bits, and has been slashed to a bargain basement price.

And a final tip – think about what you wear when you are out for a serious trawl through the sales. Don’t wear too many layers or awkward things to take on and off in the changing room, or shoes that need to be laced and un-laced. Wear a backpack, or across the body bag, so your hands are free to go through the racks. And make sure your lingerie is tidy – you never know when the sales assistant is going to stick her head through the fitting room curtain. 

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