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With Age Comes Wisdom

11 Aug 2015
With Age Comes Wisdom

At what age is somebody categorised as ‘old?’ I am certainly not willing to label myself in this group, however, I cannot comfortably claim to be young either.

The description ‘ageless’ suits me well as I still have a youthful outlook on life but I am able to call upon wisdom gained from having lived for over half a century.

I am still able to access the levels of energy and health required to wake up in the early hours of the morning to work and exercise and then continue through the day with vigor, tackling any goal I set myself. But over the years I have learnt to take time to breathe and strategise instead of jumping in with both feet, so as to utilise my limited time most effectively. I now know there are always two sides to the story.

I see many my age live life as if it’s Groundhog Day or even begin to slow down towards an early retirement. I still have a huge, but very different list of what I want to achieve!

The only change to my current work ethic,is that I am spending a great deal more time reflecting on each of my goals to flesh them out, ensuring I have good clarity and strong strategies attached to them, so I avoid any previous mistakes.

I have also promised myself to recognise that the year has twelve months so I will pace myself, using some of my well-earned wisdom to employ patience and understanding when these goals take longer to achieve than first expected, and know that everyone is different and we are all fighting external battles that will shape our behaviours and reactions.

I believe much of my wisdom has been well-earned, practised and polished. I am often quoted as saying – “failure is the foundation stone of my success!” – however it is not inherent that mistakes lead automatically to learning. This will be the result when applied to the next similar challenge that rolls around and believe me they do.

A moment of failure is only accompanied by learning if we take time to reflect on what happened and why. We then need to benchmark the experience and strategise a new pathway for success as we move forward in our lives or business.

So for all of you out there that are ‘perfectly seasoned’, do make sure you celebrate both ends of life’s spectrum while you can – for all too soon, we will be old!

Annah Stretton

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