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The Greatest Lesson Men Can Teach Women

21 Aug 2015
The Greatest Lesson Men Can Teach Women

If necessity is the mother of all invention, then men have taken the necessity of doing as little as possible as far as they can.

From the origins of time, men have worked tirelessly towards doing less, and I believe women would benefit greatly from taking a page out of our opposite sexes book.

The wheel is a perfect example and genesis of all man’s desire to do less. The wheel immediately produced workload outputs far beyond the original energy required to complete the many tasks that beset man in his long day.

Humankind’s perpetual quest to achieve more by doing less is dominated by men today.

The modern woman is confronted daily by the ‘think lots about doing less’ modern man, as she continuously drives her evolutionary thought processes to the most complicated levels. Even at a domestic level she can be foiled by the ‘do less’ mentality of man, often arriving home to a myriad of household chores, which have not been completed.

Upon confrontation all men will freely share their theory of streamlining the organization of home wares, rubbish and sundry gadgets for a ‘five second blitz clean at the end of the day’.

Even the evolution of the role of ‘provider’ has been tainted by men’s deliberate and determined quest to do less. Much thinking must go into how to make the single task of holding down one job and just one role (man of the house) and making it last almost seven days!

If we observe carefully, you can witness men processing several thoughts at once. Multi-tasking is one of man’s well-camouflaged cerebral assets that they down-play after all. This is most likely to occur as a woman is sharing her ‘things I would like you to do today list’. It is during this moment that her man, while pretending to listen intently, is simultaneously thinking of ways to shorten, avoid or seriously modify said list.

Man’s achievement has motivated me to think a whole lot more about doing less! Is your man a master of simplifying life?

Annah Stretton

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