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My Winter Uniform

06 Apr 2018
My Winter Uniform

I am embarrassed to say that I, like so may others have a seasonal favourite and even with all the new additions to the collection that continue to flow through the stores I am a creature of habit and often when I find a dressing solution that is easy and works it simply gets rolled out time and time again.

This season it’s the Missie pant a wonderful low-rise pant in black or slate grey velvet (easy care) and yes ladies even though we are of a certain age we can wear a drop crutch pant – try them. Given this extremely comfortable and generic bottom, I can then choose from a plethora of fabulous tops that we do.  I layer preferring a tank top of some sort and a shirt that doubles as a jacket as the season cools down. Colder days require a jacket often supported by a merino as a warm layer (ladies I buy these merinos from Ezibuy as they are great quality, well priced and a strong selection). I love jackets they can be as simple as a modern puffer (Lulu Lemon) or as fashion forward as our Payton jacket.  They certainly notch the dressing level up and enable me to feel good in most situations.  I can go from working in prisons to speaking to large groups at an evening event so my clothing has to work and fit in a similar way that I do into my environments.

So I am a mix of my own label and basics (that we don’t do) from other brands where I trust and enjoy the quality and the online service.

Velvet will be my go to this season, for daywear as for evening. Loving the silk velvet in shirts, the stretch velvet in pants and jackets and the wonderful colours that are available in velvets. Easy to wear and care for and certainly difficult to date. This fabric never seems to be far from the fashion radar.

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