5 Things I’m Ticking Off My Bucket List This Year

I love the thought of a bucket list and as the years advance I certainly have things on it I want to do and will do. I guess the older you get you start to realise that there is a real race against time that occurs. Also, some of my bucket list things will require a strong level of health and vitality that I still fortunately enjoy.

  1. A trip to South America, Peru and Bolivia to enjoy a holiday in a new space.
  2. A trip to the USA to meet with a woman working with male prisoners through an entrepreneurial programme she has set up, with a view to advancing some of my initiatives that I truly believe will make the difference to reducing the female prison population in NZ.
  3. To meet with Jacinda again in her new Prime Minister role and tell her how incredibly proud I am of all she stands for in the modern world. I love her approach and her philosophy. I don’t often refer to many as truly inspirational from my own perspective, but our Prime Minister is. How good is it that we can have an unmarried expectant mum running this country so proficiently?
  4. To produce the first RAW book that showcases the RAW women and their stories, providing inspiration for other socially disadvantaged and disconnected women and an understanding of a birth-right for mainstream society.
  5. To get the wellness lodge we run in Te Aroha focused with a new direction working with a demographic that will not prioritise their health, advancing wellness through mainstream.
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