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Why I Love Monday

by Annah Stretton 23 Apr 2018
Why I Love Monday

I love Monday’s because I have usually been working on my ventures all weekend. Given my workaholic status, this is the time I get to work on the meaty, aspirational stuff. The new ideas just keep coming and Monday will see the impact of this via the responses that come in through my email. It often feels like not knowing whether I will win the lottery or not.

I love Monday as it is the one day I can sleep past 5am, in that I have no real commitment as I have often dealt to these over the weekend.

I love Monday’s as its the day our cafe will try new things, so a food experience awaits me.

I love Monday’s as I have 5 working days to get stuff done and I pray at my age the weeks will drag. Gone are the days that I wish them away.

I love Monday’s as I love life and each week presents so many more new opportunities.

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