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Dealing with Internet Trolls

by Annah Stretton 31 Aug 2018
Dealing with Internet Trolls

I came across this piece written by Lizzie Marverly for her Herald column on the weekend and yes, I have always been aware of the "tall poppy syndrome" being alive and well in NZ and often bore the brunt of this behaviour. But when did we as a race get so inhumane, so gutless and faceless, and why the need to say these vile things at all?

Lizzie writes an opinion piece for a national paper and it is simply that. I have read these in the past and often didn't agree with her content and that’s where it ends. That’s because I have a different perspective. In a country that embraces free speech, why the vile reactions from those that have different opinions? Is the better way to simply not engage with her column each week if you feel that strongly as to the contents? It is disappointing to think that in the 21st century we haven't all developed into a space of dignified, relevant, respectful, conversation and humane commentary on our digital platforms.

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Annah Stretton
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