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The Golden Rules of Accessorising

by Annah Stretton 14 Sep 2017
The Golden Rules of Accessorising


Some women just seem to have the knack of accessorising their outfits - a casually tied scarf, sunglasses perched jauntily on their beautifully coiffed heads, just the right belt. But most of us need all the help we can get to look beautifully but effortlessly styled.

  • Start by owning a LOT of accessories. Become a collector of fashion jewellery, scarves, belts of all widths and materials. Hoard interesting and quirky embellishments – they don’t have to be expensive, and you can make every outfit different.
  • Choose accessories to suit your size – if you are petite go for dainty items, fine chains, pretty rings, scarves with small prints. If you are statuesque you can have fun with bold patterns, big floral brooches, statement jewellery.
  • Every outfit needs at least one accessory – it will take you from great to ‘knockout.’ It might just be a belt or a necklace – but never got out completely unadorned.
  • Don’t be too matchy-matchy. We no longer have to make sure our shoes match our hand bag - a contrast is fine.
  • Mix your metals – gold and silver look great together. Take your favourite metal, and make that dominant – but to really make it pop, add a few contrasting pieces.
  • Wear comfortable shoes – chunky block heels are perfect for all-day wear, and you will walk with more confidence and style if you are not in danger of tipping over.
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