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How To Keep Your Bridesmaids Happy

05 Sep 2017
How To Keep Your Bridesmaids Happy

There is one main reason you choose the special women that you want to be your bridesmaids – they are your nearest and dearest. But the time leading up to a wedding can be stressful and most brides will have a few Bridezilla moments - somehow the idea of floral bouquets and metres of chiffon can make the most sensible woman lose all touch with reality.  If you are a bride who desperately wants to maintain your relationships with your best friends, there are certain rules to follow.

DO choose carefully – the more time you take to think about your selection, the better choice you will make. It’s not always about who your friends are NOW – it is more about your forever friends.  It is a huge commitment agreeing to be a bridesmaid, and a cost in both time and money – the engagement party, the bridal shower, dress shopping etc. Remember that your bridesmaids also have their own lives, and try to be flexible in your demands.

DON’T expect your bridesmaids to take out a loan to buy the dress of YOUR dreams - let them have a say in what they wear, and don’t expect them to fork out hundreds of dollars for heinous a dress they will only wear once. While once upon a time the bride wanted to see a line of girls all in peach satin – these days there is more flexibility. Think about dresses that can be worn in different ways, so can be flattering on different body shapes. If you have a couple of size ten friends, and another who is plus size, don’t try and wedge your bigger friend into a fitted body-con dress – she will only feel uncomfortable and self-conscious on the big day.

DO think about multi-wear dresses. Our Flipits are often the answer to the dilemma of dissimilar bridesmaids – you can have girls of different shapes, heights and styles – this is where the versatility of the Flipit comes into play. A dress that can be tied in up to nine or ten styles means every bridesmaid can feel comfortable and at ease.

DON’T ignore the elephant in the room – if you have a disagreement, don’t ignore it. Communicate, set expectations, and be clear about them. When you have a few cocktails under your belt at the hen party is NOT the time to do this!

DO show appreciation – take the time to thank your bridesmaids. Not only in the speeches at the wedding – small notes of gratitude along the way will show them that while your wedding day is important, it is not more important than those you care about.

Always remember – you chose these unique women because you wanted their friendship and support on the most special day in your life – make the most of your time together and have fun.
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