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Amazingly Effortless in Austin

01 Aug 2018
Amazingly Effortless in Austin

Magic and dignity are the meaning behind the name Austin and the Annah Stretton Austin range is true to this meaning.

Amelia, Arden and Annah all have a sense of magic, wonder, excitement, and glamour mixed with a quality of being worthy of respect and a composed manner of style – they’re dignifying pieces that are effortless and easy-to-wear.

Who doesn’t want more easy-to-wear garments in their wardrobe? 

Austin is easy to personalise, easy to style and easy to make you look special. The Austin range offers versatility through both uniqueness and the many occasions it can be worn to.

How to wear and style Austin:

  1. Slip

Make this easy to wear shift dress your own with your choice of coloured slip underneath. It adds a personal touch of your own style.

Tip: Match a prominent colour featured in the pattern to really make your embroidery stand out!


  1. Jewellery

Keep your jewellery to a minimum with these beautiful dresses. Not only do you run the risk of catching your intricate embroidery but you also take away from the stunning work of the embroideries design.

Tip: A simple long necklace will allow you to dress up your Austin dress for a special occasion without taking away from the exquisite embroidery.


  1. Shoes

Your choice of shoes will determine the ‘look’ you’re going for. Pair your Austin with some flats and you’re ready for lunch with the girls, or pair with a heeled winter boot and take your look out for dinner.

Tip: Cardigans and jackets will also help establish your look; whether you want to make Austin casual or more formal.

Embroidery is both intricate and stunning. They’re small pieces of art woven into stunning fabrics and deserve to be seen day or night.

Styling is the key to maximise the versatile Austin range.


Written by Kim Chance

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