Superfoods versus Super Frocks

Annah Stretton
26 Jul , 2018

We live in a country where we are bombarded with health messages that support super-foods as being the way to optimise our health and wellness. These raw fruits and vegetables, bright in colours, high in antioxidants, and delicious to eat, are the food heroes of the 21st century. They make us feel great simply by eating them knowing that we are doing right by our beautiful body, ensuring that we are full of vitality and hungry to live a full and active life. 

So this got me thinking about “super frocks. “ Dresses that would advance our health, increase our sense of well-being, self-worth, self-love, and encourage communication and conversation, even with complete strangers. Dresses that would enable you to feel empowered, create the best version of yourself.  You will attract an energy that is contagious, culminating in an amplified feeling of overall wellness just by wearing a bright, pretty, well designed and perfectly fitted frock. So similar to the feeling that is generated with the active consumption of the super-foods. 

And what would these frocks look like?

  • They would include and celebrate all women no matter weight, body size or age. 
  • They would be beautifully designed using bright and pretty colours, and gorgeous prints. 
  • A delight to wear, a confidence booster and a mood enhancer. 
  • A conversation starter. 
  • Advancing optimal wellness and a happy life. 

Annah Stretton designs; The super-food of frocks. 

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