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STOP the Body Shaming … Now!

10 Oct 2017
STOP the Body Shaming … Now!

So we get up every day, and self-deprecate as to what our body isn’t, with little thought to how damn amazing our body actually is.

As a retailer, I witness first hand each and every day the destructive behaviour that is taking place in our heads, no matter what size we are, from an 8 to a 28. We all have things we dislike about ourselves, and believe we need to change  on our bodies. This appears to be an absolute fixation for so many of us, so much so, that for most of our lives we have been in the diet or abstinence arena, knowing that these non-sustainable solutions will always see us derail, and fall of the wagon (bearing in mind there is actually NO wagon to fall off.)

We continue down the path of self-destruction, and alarmingly we seem to have forgotten that we hold the only key to change it. Hello – what we eat, and how we move are key to making change if we really want to do this. 

It’s simple really – NO, you do not need a convoluted diet plan or a personal trainer – you need to eat whole food (these foods do not have barcodes) at least 80% of the time, get up and move as often as you can, and don’t stress the small stuff. (And many of the things we do stress are just that –small.)

Alongside this, fall back in love with your body. You need to, it is the only one you will have and it really is quite amazing. Try going without eyes for an hour and see how you cope. Imagine a life without functional legs, or a hand with no fingers, a leg with no foot. There is nothing more amazing than your body, especially considering how lucky you are every day when you wake up and you find you are still breathing! So, something this awesome needs to loved, nurtured and fed, to enable it to do this work for us, and moved in a way that enables it to remain functional for all of our natural life.

I write this blog to honour an incredible team member that has been with us for many years, that is now undergoing surgery for a brain tumour – this wonderful woman is our fit model at work, and I know that as she makes her way through the recovery process every milestone that her body achieves, she and her family will be extremely grateful for. They will certainly not be fixating on what she can’t do, which truly puts this all into perspective for me, as it should for us all.

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