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Ticking Off My Bucket List

by Annah Stretton 12 Jan 2018
Ticking Off My Bucket List

It has always been a bucket list item of mine to travel to Bali. So knowing that my 25 year old son had a newly found passion for the country and was travelling there regularly certainly became the catalyst to tick this bucket list item off.

With a partner that was reluctant to travel there given the Bali Bombings, and other ongoingterrorist activity, it wasn’t an easy pathway to persuade  him to join us.  But he did and my daughter also decided to join us, so we appeared to have the makings of an exciting break in a new destination.

Not to be disappointed or miss what Bali has to offer, we spent half of our time in the jungle near Ubud eating some delicious food, shopping, relaxing and visiting some of the tourist hot spots.

The second part of the break was in Bingin Beach.  This was much more of a surfer’s destination so very different to Bali’s cultural heart.  But as I always want to embrace all that is new and on offer and I found the space equally as enjoyable as the infamous Ubud.

With the awesome company of my children and all of our partners, the great food and exciting new experiences in a new country, it was certainly a trip to remember.  Bali was truly about the time together as an extended family.  Through Airbnb we had homes in each destination where we could all stay together but still had relative independence.

Once again there were so many visual opportunities which is the mode I like to capture to truly reflect the holiday tone.  So here it is my Bali story, captured in the images that I love so much.





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