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What a girls wants.. What a girl needs...

18 Jun 2020
What a girls wants..  What a girl needs...
  1. The Little Black Dress
    This will be no surprise to a lot of people reading and might seem a bit of a cliche but there's a reason this item appears on so many of these lists! One point many people seem to miss is that this dress should be very versatile - a pair of tights and boots with a scarf for a more casual look, heels and some bling to take you down a more formal route - this really is a year-round staple.

  2. Smart Black Pants
    This may take a bit of searching to find a style that's comfortable for you but it's well worth it! For me personally, I love a wide leg and a high waist and if the length is right, I find that is a generally flattering fit on most body shapes! These pants are something that could see you from the office to after-work drinks, even wearing them with a pair of flats will make them a weekend feature!
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  3. The Merino Top
    This is something long sleeve and maybe a touch figure-hugging, something you can layer underneath other tops on a cold day for extra warmth, or wear on its own with a pair of jeans! You'll be surprised how far one of these can take you and how much you can wear with it.
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  4. That Pencil Skirt
    Everyone wears a pencil skirt a different way and I find one of the biggest apprehensions from people about throwing one on comes from the feeling that they need to tuck their shirt into it. Although this is an amazing way to show off the waist and create a shape, this isn't in everyone's comfort zone and nor is it a necessity with a pencil skirt! A longer top that falls from the armpits or the waist to cover all the areas we want to be covered with a pencil skirt underneath is a classic and effortless way to comfortably rock this piece!
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  5. A Dress Shirt
    This may sound a tad boring but when I say dress shirt I mean, any shirt, preferably a button-down that would be appropriate to wear in a professional environment. How funky or conservative it is, is up to you! The whole thing with a dress shirt is, you can wear it with you smart black pants, you can chuck your merino on underneath it, wear it with your pencil skirt OR even, shocker, wear it with your little black dress. I know it sounds like a fashion crime but LBD and shirt allowing, having it tied up at the waist (or just loose!) over your dress suddenly takes two pieces that are traditionally thought of as quite formal and makes for one really cool, casual outfit.
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  6. The Over Coat
    This is something that you can throw over ANYTHING, warm easy, don't have to think about it. It's a cold day and you have to go to the supermarket? Overcoat. Coffee with friends? Overcoat. Movies? Overcoat. Life? Overcoat. Preferably reaching mid-thigh or longer, the rest is self-explanatory.
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  7. Tailored Jacket
    Why not make this a statement! Something that expresses your personality and shows off your figure in all the right places. Bonus points if you can pair it with a pair of jeans or a fancy dress.
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  8. Statement Scarf
    When I say a "statement" scarf, I don't necessarily mean go out and get yourself a hot pink rhinestone neck warmer. If that's you, that's cool, get it, wear it, love it. What I'm talking about it a scarf that's got a luxe feel to it, warm and something a bit special about it, maybe it is the colour - should still be able to go with everything in your wardrobe, maybe it has a wee touch of embroidery or it's a unique shape. Whatever the case, it will be the scarf that you throw on those cold winter days with whatever outfit you're wearing! 
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Written by, Kara Halloumis – Christchurch Retail Assistant

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