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These are a few of my favourite things

16 Jun 2020
These are a few of my favourite things

As we begin to get ourselves kitted out for winter in the wake of what has been an "unprecedented" journey, nothing feels the same anymore and it’s not. So how do we dress for our “new normal” and what does that even look like?  

Winter has got me thinking about some of my "favourite things" (a classic song loved by my dad and made famous by The Sound of Music) that I’m going to apply to my wardrobe essentials (sorry Dad).

Weather, global pandemics and a year of Masters Study has turned me into a real homebody for Winter 2020.


 #1 Favourite – Keep Warm with Merino

I LOVE to be warm so whether it’s a cute pair of fingerless gloves, a warm undergarment or a fashion beanie,  let’s stay warm ladies!  Check out some winners here:  

AS Merino Mitten Set
AS Merino Turban Beanie 
Eizbuy Merino Long Sleeved Tee  


#2 Favourite - Add a comfy pant 

NO, not the traditional sweat pant. There are so many other great casual pants styles available now that look great, feel great, and are affordable!  Let’s leave the track pant to the kids. 

My go-to pant for everyday wear is our velvet jogger pant.   Velvet is big again this season but the fit and look on your body is always the most important factor.  Fashion comes second to fit ladies!

I absolutely love mine. They come in navy or black, you can throw them in the washing machine and at $129 they are a great price.  Discover Missie Jogger Velvet Pant here  

Looking for something more sporty? 

For me that doesn’t extend much beyond my pilates but these jogger pants from Lulu Lemon always look great.  TIP: If you like that slouchy look, remember to go up a couple of sizes.


#3 Favourite – Wrap yourself in a warm jacket

 Now that we have all turned into ‘walk-a-holics’ from our lockdown experience, we need this item more than ever.  The secret is to find one that looks great, keeps us warm, seamlessly transitions from walking the dog to meeting up with a friend, and let’s not forget about affordable.  Sounds like a tall order but here are a couple of suggestions for you.

Everyday wear

Stand out from everyone else and flaunt your femininity with Puff Puff.  It’s fully machine washable and affordable. Discover Puff Puff here

Looking for Lux?

Adoring Aster is my pick.  It’s very ‘Greta Garbo’ but this one will last you for years.  Pair it with jeans or our Missie jogger and it says everyday wear.  Put it over a lace dress and you are ready for date night or a wedding. 

Can’t decide?  At these affordable prices, you could probably buy both.  I promise these timeless classics will never date. 

I hope my favourites line up will help to fast track your winter shopping and keep your warm and snug all winter long


 Aroha nui 

 Annah and Sami 



Photo by Creedi Zhong on Unsplash

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