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The Essence of How to Take a Great Photo with Kara from Christchurch

08 Apr 2021
The Essence of How to Take a Great Photo with Kara from Christchurch

Some people make it look so easy to have a great photo taken. But in reality, knowing how to pose for pictures — especially if you aren’t a trained model with a skilled photographer on-hand — can be much more difficult than you'd expect. 

If you’re anything like us, you’ve experienced the frustration of asking someone to take a few photos of your new outfit, only to dislike every single picture when you take a look. And while sometimes the factors are unavoidable — bad lighting or a partner/friend who barely knows how to work a camera — others can be easily rectified with some simple tips around lighting, background and striking that all important pose.

If you're in need of a little tutorial, Kara from Colombo has put together a three helpful pointers that will help make all the difference to your outfit photos. 

1. Lighting

Take photos in a well lit area with lighting coming from directly in front of you. Lighting too far over top of you head, from the side or from behind will create odd shadows and diminish the appearance of your outfit and you. Find the best spot for lighting in your house or wherever your photo is being taken to help make the process more seamless.

2. Background

A simple background with minimal distraction is best. Too much going on will take away from your outfit! To really get the most out of your outfit, find a nice plain background to stand in front of.

3. Now Strike a Pose!

Unfortunately, the default pose for a lot of ladies seems slightly scarecrow-ish. Ladies, confidently put you hands on hips, and pull your shoulders back. And most important, remember to smile! A smile will instantly make any photo better.

Angela shows the difference between a straight on photo and a slight twist of the body.


Finally, remember to send us your photos looking fabulous with these tips on how to take a great photo!

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