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How to Dress for your Body Shape

26 May 2017
How to Dress for your Body Shape

Dress For Your Body Shape

Most women have a vague idea what suits them when it comes to getting dressed – compliments from friends and workmates, or even what you see in the mirror can give you a general idea. But at Annah Stretton we have ways to fine tune this – to make sure you dress the best you can for your body shape.

There are four different body shapes, and we don’t like to use the descriptions that are common with most stylists – brick, triangle, circle or hourglass. At Annah Stretton we see flowers when we look at women – rosebuds (bigger at the bottom,) bluebells (curvy but evenly proportioned,) lavender (straight up and down,) and tulips (larger on top.)

Getting dressed is much easier when you know what garments are going to work with the shape you are. Click here to follow some simple steps to work out your body shape, then once you have determined this,

Rosebud – this is the most common shape for New Zealand women – your hips will be bigger than your shoulders, and you will have a voluptuous, rounded bottom. You need to enhance your top half – wear coats with dramatic oversized collars, or ruffled necklines (our Secretly Yours jacket is perfect for you.) For the bottom half choose slim leg pants, and go for the ones with tummy control like the Lorelei. A printed or brightly coloured top, over plain pants or leggings is a great choice, and try to choose bottoms in darker shades. 

Bluebells have the perfect shape, the shape we are all striving for. Your bust and your hips are the same size, and you have a well-defined, slim waist. Even if you are plus-size, you are going to look best in figure hugging outfits that define your shape, and accentuate your balanced features. Look for well-cut jackets like the Hawthorne, and pants that fit well around the bottom. This body shape is often best in a dress, Our Mercedes Dress and the Farrah Fare are examples that work perfectly on a Bluebell.

Lavenders need to balance out their lack of curves, and dress to give an illusion of a waist. Shoulder pads on jackets will achieve this, as will coats and tops with exaggerated lapels. A belt is always a great idea to create the give the impression of a waist – something this body shape is missing. Our pleated dresses, worn with a Rose Belt will suit lavender ladies of all sizes.


Tulips are top heavy – they have broader shoulders, and a narrow waist and hips – and they often have exceptionally good legs. V-neck tops and jackets draw the eye down, slimming the bust area, and pants need to be slightly wider or boot cut, to balance the top. A-line skirts will balance out your bottom, and if you keep them shorter in the front you can show off your great legs. The Sophie style of dress is perfect for a Tulip body shape. 

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