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Skirting the issue .. ?

26 Sep 2017
Skirting the issue .. ?

Winter is over – let’s think about getting out of our pants, and into skirts - this is definitely the season of the skirt!

The classic Pencil skirt is a form fitting style that hugs the hips and falls straight down – it can end anywhere from mid-thigh to mid-calf, and you should consider how good your legs are before you decide on where it stops. There is generally a kick pleat at he back to allow room for movement. This style suits Lavender or Bluebell shapes best – may pay to avoid this shape if you are a very pronounced Rosebud shape.

A Flounce skirt is very similar to the pencil shape, with the addition of a ruffle or frill around the hem. This is where our Tulip shaped women should go – the flounce adds width to balance your top half.  

An A-Line skirt comes in many different lengths, but always has a flare to it – starting at the hips it will gradually get wider towards the hem. This is an excellent shape for anyone with a problematic tummy area (Rosebuds) as it will widen out over that part and effectively disguise it.

The Maxi skirt is generally, but not always straight – it can sometimes have a slight flare or gather. They finish around ankle length, and really need to be worn by mid height to tall women – a petite woman can look a bit squat.

 A Peasant skirt is a style that only a few can wear and look good. They are long tiered skirts that were very popular in the hippie-loving 70’s. They are lovely light and airy skirts that seem quite comfortable to wear on hot days but they only look good on women with a slim or straight figure, a Lavender body shape. If you have a heavy hip and bottom area, this style will only make you look bigger, as the flounce and tiers add bulk, even if they are flowy skirts.

A Fishtail skirt is one that starts off straight but then flares out at the bottom. This skirt style comes in many different lengths from above the knee to ankle length, and often hugs the hips like a pencil skirt, so it’s ideal for Lavender and Tulip body shapes.

A Wrap is the best version of a skirt –the skirt is la long band of fabric that wraps around the body and ties at the waist. It’s a great style for all body shapes because it can be adjusted around the body until it fits perfectly. This style hides and slims, creating a super-flattering silhouette, and the front or side opening adds sex appeal. The wrap skirt is the best way to remain office-appropriate, and still show some leg - once you see how versatile they are you are going to want more than one in your wardrobe.

Skirts are feminine, they are fun and flirty – and they are cooler to wear than pants in the summer. Add to your skirt collection now!

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