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Wear Your Best Self on International Women’s Day

06 Mar 2018
Wear Your Best Self on International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is here; a day to commemorate all the movements that have advanced women’s rights, to celebrate women’s achievements, and to continue pushing for gender parity.

Yet a day that belongs to all women’s groups, everywhere, lacks the degree of unity and symbolism that it deserves particularly given the groundswell of support that is building up around the world right now.   Today there is very clearly an uprising in the making, a global movement of advocacy, activism, and support for women’s equality that we haven’t seen the likes of for some time.  So where is the banner that we will march under, and where is the colour that we will cover ourselves in to show our support and commitment for this women’s rights revival?

Surely it is not the colour black that has been taken on by the movie stars in stark contrast to their usual flamboyant attire. Nor should it succumb to any colours or emblems that simply reinforce the well-engrained gender stereotypes that we are fighting against.  International Women’s Day have chosen Purple and White to celebrate their day but this movement feels so much bigger than a day.

In the absence of any obvious answers at Annah Stretton we’re urging you to ‘Wear your Best Self’ on the 8th March and every day thereafter.

Wear the frills that make you feel feminine, the brightly coloured dress that makes you smile, or the little black dress that makes you feel like you could take on the world but don’t stop there.  Wear your confidence, your humanity, your passion and your kindness.   Take this day to revel in being a woman of substance, to revere your accomplishments and your growth as a human being and then turn to the woman beside you and acknowledge her journey.  Use the 8th of March to mark the first of many days that you honour yourself, and all those who fought for women all over the world, by being you, expressing you in your attire and celebrating you!

#metoo #timesup #pressforprogress

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