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Doing Good

Something good is about to happen in Waikato

by Annah Stretton 01 Jun 2018
Something good is about to happen in Waikato

The Good Collective

A new initiative called The Good Collective is getting ready to launch in the Waikato, the aim of which is to lift the bar on organisational effectiveness amongst the charitable and not-for-profit sector.

Today there are many thousands of charities and not-for-profits operating in Waikato which collectively contribute millions to our regional economy. Their good works positively effect the lives of millions in our region, however the impetus for forming The Good Collective is that these organisations can do so much more with a bit more business nous.

The Good Collective’s aim is to move Waikato’s charities and not-for-profits from surviving to thriving with the selection, provision and support of essential business services. 

As part of launch preparations, The Good Collective invites members of Waikato’s charitable and not-for-profit sector to attend a hosted workshop session. 

The session is a chance for those working within the sector to provide feedback to help shape the offerings and operations of The Good Collective.

The workshop is being held from 9 - 11am on Thursday, 14 June at The Link, Corner River Road and Te Aroha Street, Hamilton.

To find out more visit

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