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Lizzie Is An Absolute Delight

by Melissa Reid 06 Oct 2021
Lizzie Is An Absolute Delight

OMGoodness what an absolute delight Lizzie is from your Havelock North store.

This is a true love story as my beautiful mother of 83 is marring her childhood sweetheart of 85 on the 30th October 2021. They were childhood sweet hearts at 14 and 16. John phoned my mother Jean approx. eight months ago and BOOM it was all on.

Well, we now claim Lizzie "Our Lizzie from HN" as she was so amazing. She was so kind and helpful with my mother.

We arrived from Gisborne at about 5.30 and drove straight to HN to check out the shops. We returned the next morning, my mum 83, Aunty 80, myself 60, my two daughters 30 and 38 and my beautiful grandchild Poppy, three.

My Mother got a beautiful dress and jacket, I got a funky spotty dress and our Lizzie accommodated us all perfectly.

I have to stop now as I will go on forever, but thank you, Lizzie. You made us all feel so welcome and we will all be back.

Tracy xx

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