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Kara Made Me Feel So Confident & Special

12 Jan 2022
Kara Made Me Feel So Confident & Special


I wanted to let you know that I went to shop at the Christchurch store late afternoon on Friday, where Kara assisted me.

She was the best ever customer service person I have dealt with in all my years. I have been to the shop before and have one dress from many years ago but its a black and white dress and is straight (my comfort zone) I have always wanted one of your gorgeous floral dresses but have never had the courage to try on as I always felt they would swamp me and I felt I was too old as I'm 5ft 4in, a 16/18 and 68 years old.

Kara was helpful with my choices to try on and very helpful with making the final choice.

I am very happy with my choice and look forward to wearing it many times.

I cannot praise Kara enough, I left feeling confident and happy. I have phoned and let her know how special she made the experience. I will happily return and purchase again.

Thank you,

Kind regards

Lyn Anthony

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